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Critic Raves

Christopher Loudon of Jazz Times says:

Tempting as it is to number Cheryl Bentyne's The Gershwin Songbook among the most satisfying vocal albums of 2010, such praise is unfairly limiting. Instead it must be lauded as one of the year's most accomplished albums, period. The loudest hurrahs, however, are due Allen in his wider role as producer: He is the ringmaster who makes the magic gel. And, across a 14-track playlist that extends from a shimmering "Isn't It a Pity" (cleverly re-imagined in waltz time) to a sparkling "Lady Be Good," he also proves himself an arbiter of intelligently rendered distinctiveness.

Jazztimes says:

THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER The Symphony Sessions (Rhino)

"Two Corey Allen arrangements provide high points: the Django Reinhardt classic, "Clouds," and "The Quietude," ... Halfway through, it goes into 7/4, followed by a cinematic blend of French horns over tympani. Tempting for an orchestrator when he has the City of Prague Symphony Orchestra at his disposal.

What people are saying...

Corey's accompanying is flawless and always seems to add just the right touch to whatever music we are working with at the time. - Kevin Mahogany

I continue to be amazed with your artistry, your creativity and your ability to compose/arrange timeless music. I believe your music will be as modern and fresh 50 years from now as it is this very moment. Wonderful!

Frank DeMiero


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